Windows client to access Zadarma API.
Before you begin, get the two codes (key and secret) in your personal area and write them to a file zadapi.ini.
The client is ready. You can execute API commands.
Example 1. Get Balance.
Zadapi ZADARMA:GET/v1/info/balance
prints the balance

Example 2. Sending SMS
Zadapi ZADARMA:POST/v1/sms/send/ number=38095XXXXXXX message="Hello World!"
send a message to the number.

Similarly, you can run any API command.

The program returns the server response code, or an error number. Therefore, 200 means a successful, you can use it in your scripts.
For example, cmd file with the code:

zadapi GET/v1/statistics/format=xml > curstat.xml
@IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 200 (START excel curstat.xml) ELSE (echo Error #%ERRORLEVEL% occurred!)
gets the current statistics of calls. If success, opens excel to view the statistics. Otherwise, displays an error message.

Zadapi is freeware, including commercial use. Decompile, or make changes, is not allowed.