The program is designed to manage PBX without utilities from the manufacturer. It has a command line interface and can be called from user scripts.
Supported model: KX-TDE, KX-NCP.
The current version allows you to make OUS or INS any PBX card.
Hopefully in the next version will be wider opportunities.
The author uses ePhni with eSMDR. If occurs 300-Digital trunk out of synchronization error, eSMDR call ePhni to reboot PRI card. What can reconnect without operator intervention.
The program was tested on different types of PBX. However, we can not guarantee the correct operation of any equipment and in any environment. Remember, this is - unofficial tool, use at your own risk.
ePhni is freeware. You can use it to control the PBX owned by you or your organization.
However, distribution is strongly prohibited.

I thank all who contributed to the development of the program or testing it. Together, make the world better!