TDE Password Reminder

So, your signalmen left you? Are you being blackmailed by dishonest installer? Maybe you have forgotten the password from your PBX?
Solution is here! Remove the SD-card from a PBX and using a card reader to copy file D?SYS. (The second letter depends on the type of PBX). Put this file on the next form and click START!
This way you can retrieve a forgotten password for Panasonic KX-TDA, KX-TDE and KX-NCP.
Soon! Support for new series KX-NS and KX-HTS.
Terms of Use:
You can freely use the form only if PBX is owned you or your organization.
Usage for hacking and any unlawful acts is strictly prohibited.
Recovering passwords to third parties is permitted under the following conditions:
a) All recovered passwords will be reported to the PBX owner
b) you have to donate the site some amount.
Security Tips
We recommend that you change all passwords after recovery procedure have completed.